Saturday, May 11, 2013

3 Mother's Day Meal Ideas

Moms are special creatures. I work with children, so I see snippets of a mother's everyday life and I am awed by their superpowers. I'm sure you were the most perfect, well-behaved child in the world, but your mom probably deserves a nice meal anyway.

Here are three meal ideas to help you make up for your torturous youth:

For the Veggie Mama
These Grilled Cabbages from Breanna's Recipe Box may not stay around as long as a bouquet of flowers, but they look just as pretty.

For the Hot Mama
Steamy Kitchen's Coconut Curry Shrimp recipe is so easy, you literally have no excuse not to make this.

For the Foodie Mama
These Breakfast Stuffed Poblanos from A Spicy Perspective are chock full of delicious layers of flavor.

Feeling inspired? Go on! Get in the kitchen an make your mama feel loved. (And don't forget to do the dishes afterward.) It's time to eat!

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