Saturday, October 5, 2013

What have we been up to?

I don't like summer. Sure, the beach is nice and sunshine is lovely. But summer is really one of those things you only love when you're deep in the bowels of winter. After months of freezing snow and long, dark nights you find yourself saying "I can't wait for summer." That perfect Spring weather arrives and you are freed from the shackles of your wintery prison.

And before you know it Summer is all up in your face and every attempt to look remotely put together is ruined the minute you step out into the hell fire of the Summer sun. So please forgive my recent absence as I have been recovering from this, the most unforgiving of seasons.

However, in the absence of posting, the hubby and I have been trying out all manner of new and interesting ideas.

First, we thought it would be the best hing ever if we made our own pickles. We were right. Richard loves half sour pickles and I've recently grown to love them myself. So I thought I'd try to make some using Persian cucumbers instead of Kirbys. Having never made pickles before, I consulted the all-knowing wisdom of the internet and discovered this recipe on After just 4 days, we had some seriously awesome pickles. We ate 2 jars in 2 days. I'm not ashamed. You should definitely try this recipe.

In August we attended the wedding of two people we love very much. It was a beautiful ceremony with the most amazing sunset view of Manhattan I have every experienced. But before any of the festivities began, the wise bride got us all boozed up and properly fed with some delicious hors d'oeuvres. One that really stuck out was a blini with cream cheese and caviar. Like most people, I keep cases of caviar sitting around my apartment. But my order must have been delayed or something because there was no abundance of caviar when I needed it. So we made these little beauties instead:

I used my usual pancake batter recipe and poured it out in bite size portions on the griddle. Then I piped cream cheese on top, wrapped smoked salmon around the cream cheese and topped it with capers and green onion. This was beyond easy and insanely delicious. If you are having a party, then you better serve these or I am NOT coming.

Stay tuned for our next post - Lumberjack Cake! Oh yeah!

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